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We think your online privacy is very important and we'll do our best to protect it. This page describes the type of personal information we collect from you and what we do with it. We hope you find it useful in deciding whether or not to share information about yourself with us.

Information We Collect

  • We collect any questions, comments or other suggestions you send to us through our web site or email. We appreciate your feedback and will use it to improve our web site.
  • Our web site automatically collects your IP address (the unique name of your computer on Internet) and watches what you do on the site. We also track where you come from in the world. Again, we use this information to learn how we can make the experience better for you.
  • Our web site tracks status usage in the aggregate to determine which ones are most popular and which ones are least popular. This allows us to tune our system to only provide statuses that are likely to be enjoyed by most users.
  • If you contact us through email or some other means, we receive your name and/or email address. We absolutely do not resell or share this information with third parties.
  • When you visit us from another site, our web site is able to tell which web site you're coming from. We use this information to stay informed about how people are finding us.
  • Our web site is also able to tell certain characteristics about your computer like the operating system you run, the browser you use and your screen size. We use this information to make sure that our web site is designed to look its best on your computer.
  • You may notice advertisements and links to external web sites. When you click on an ad or external link, you are essentially leaving our site. We, unfortunately, don't have any control after you have left our site. To be safe, you should read their privacy policy, as well.
  • Finally, we will sometimes collect additional information from you for the purposes of enhancing the targeting of our advertisements that we may share with third-party advertisers. We will ask your permission before collecting this information, however, and will only collect generic information that cannot uniquely identify you.
  • Removal
    If you remove the mobile ticketing application and would like the ensure that your personal information has been purged from our system, please contact us.

    Policy Changes
    Because we continually try to add useful new features to the site, we might start collecting information beyond what has been described in this policy. In this case, we will update this policy promptly so you know what has been changed. Please do check back frequently.

    More Information
    We do our best to protect your privacy and to keep our privacy policy easy to understand. If you have further questions regarding your privacy, please contact us.

Rialto Theatre in Casper